Time to Be Proactive

Nowadays, more than ever, you need a smart SOC platform to allow you to defend your network security and machines. CYREBRO is your Cybersecurity central command that integrates all your security events with strategic monitoring, proactive threat intelligence and rapid incident response, providing you the clarity and accountability you need.


Enjoy a 30-days free trial* of CYREBRO SOC Platform:

  1. A fully licensed SIEM
  2. Proprietary end point agents
  3. 24/7 monitoring
  4. Threat intelligence and Incident response teams

    *CYREBRO trial connects to your cloud environment

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CYREBRO Platform enables you to leverage existing IT security investments (Anti-Virus, Firewalls, Web Proxy, Email Security, etc.). Our smart SOC monitor and detect suspicious activity in real time. Through our advanced algorithms, unique methodologies, full technology integration, and smart automation, we manage the overwhelming security logs and reduce the workload on understaffed teams, enabling increased productivity and a stronger security presence.

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Don't let hackers exploit the situation and gain access to your critical infrastructure.